about us



KEITH DANIELSON (Founding Partner) has also been in the Steel Erection Business for over 30 years. Keith started his career for Bolt Construction in Denver, CO and Vickerman Steel.  Keith founded Top Line Steel Corporation in the Twin Cities and then formed a partnership with Scott & A.M.E. in 1994 . He has extensive knowledge of all field operations for A.M.E.  Keith also handles estimating responsibilities along with scheduling current and future projects.


SCOTT VICKERMAN (Founding Partner) has been in the Steel Erection Business for over 30 years. Scott was formerly employed at Western Steel and Vickerman Steel. Scott was a principle for both companies.  Scott is also a fourth generation Steel Erector operating out of the Twin Cities area. Scott is primarily responsible

for estimating potential projects, scheduling current and future projects along with handling the day to day administrative requirements.


EMPLOYEES  at A.M.E. are what help make the company run! Our employees are loyal and committed to doing quality work. Safety on our sites is a top priority! Our employees also understand the importance of treating the customer with respect and getting the job done right and on time! With over 2,000 jobs completed to date and a dedicated workforce, we are a proven company that has what it takes to get the job done!